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When was Green Tea first brought to Japan?
805 A.D.
Correct: Two Buddhist monks, Saicho and Kukai, who, after studying abroad in China returned with some young tea trees.
1211 A.D.
Wrong: This is when Eisai went on to write the first Japanese book about tea, called KISSA YOHJYOH KI.
16th Century
Wrong: During this period tea farmers discovered, by accident, that tea leaves grown in shade have a mellow taste.
In China tea was originally used by the people for what?
Correct: Tea leaves was initially used by people just for chewing and eating, in just the same way that coffee was first used by people eating the beans directly in Ethiopia.
Wrong: Over time tea was eventually used in cooking, before being added to boiling water for flavour, but this is not the initial use.
The British are known for their passion for tea, but who first introduces tea to the royal palace?
Princess Catherine
Correct: Princess Catherine from Portuguese married King Charles, she brought several crates of Chinese black tea as a dowry.
King Henry III
Wrong: In 1235 the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II sent Henry III three leopards to mark his wedding to Eleanor of Provence, the emperor’s sister.
British Raj
Wrong: He was the rule of the British crown in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947.
In 1676 an act taxed tea and required coffee house operators to apply for a license, what industry was created because of this?
Tea smuggling
Correct: Ships from Holland and Scandinavia brought tea to the British coast, then stood offshore while smugglers met them and unloaded the precious cargo in small vessels.
Wrong: It was an invading Roman army that first brought Roman roads, Roman towns and Roman pubs known as tabernae to these shores in 43 AD.
Tea Police
Wrong: No such job or industry exists. 
Formerly white tea was consumed by?
A luxury reserved for the emperor of China
Wrong: Farmers as well as common people, used tea leaves by chewing and eating them but did not consume white tea.
Elderly as a medicine
Wrong: According to Chinese medicine, it helps to counteract excessive heat and alleviates the symptoms of menopause, but was not initially used for this purpose.
How was white tea rumoured to have been served to the Emperor during the Song Dynasty?
By virgins with white gloves
Correct: It was seen as a symbol of respect and honour.
From a tea set made of gold and enamelled with gems
By his guards
What was the reason that the farmer stopped processing the tea, and led to the creation of Oolong tea?
He saw a deer and decided to hunt the deer
Correct: The next day that he got around to finishing the tea, but by that time the edges of the leaves had partially oxidised, and gave off a surprising good aroma.  So he decided to finish the processing as usual, the finished product became known as Oolong tea.
He was summoned by the emperors guard
He left the tea in a barrel where it was compressed
Wrong:  Beiyuan tea was the earliest known tribute tea, this tea was a compressed type of tea, with the leaves compressed into cakes, whilst this tea is Oolong it is not the creation. 
Which country in the early 1800’s did a Fujian tea merchant take some seeds to see how well the plants would grow there?
Correct: It proved to be very successful and so in the following years tea production in Taiwan became very widespread and Oolong has become the most widely exported type of tea from Taiwan.
There are two different types of Pu’er tea, which type has a very long history and is also the tea that many tea collectors are enthusiastically searching for?
Wrong: Ripe Pu’er has a much shorter history compared to raw Pu’er.
The history of Pu’er Tea can be traced back to “Pu Tea” of which Dynasty?
Eastern Han Dynasty
Correct: 25-220 CE. 
Ming Dynasty
Wrong: 1368 – 1644 CE.
Tang Dynasty
Wrong: 618 – 907 CE.
Which Greek philosopher was sentenced to death by drinking Hemlock.
Correct: The father of modern thought (469 – 399 BCE). 
Wrong: Laid the very foundations of Western philosophy and science (428 – 347 BCE).
Wrong: His ethics, gained renewed interest with the modern advent of virtue ethics (384 – 322 BCE).
What does the word ’tisane’ refer to?
Any plant parts, excluding tea plants
Tea plant parts
Any plant parts

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