Apple and Cranberry – £6.69

Fruit Tisane (Tea) – 100g

The sweet tart flavour from freshly plucked cranberries and the crunchy flavour of fresh apples.



Egyptian Chamomile Flowers – £6.15

Flower Tisane (Herbal) – 100g

Camomile makes a great tea on its own but lends itself well to blends such as honey, lime and lemon.



Exotic Strawberry and Kiwi – £5.43

Fruit Tisane (Tea) – 100g

Totally refreshing and certainly thirst quenching without being too sweet.



Peppermint – £4.05

Leaf Tisane (Herbal) – 100g

Outstanding peppermint leaves from the best cut of the season that produce a cool and pungent cup of tea bursting with minty flavour.