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When I started writing this blog, all I wanted was somewhere I could place some of the knowledge I had started to accumulate on the subject of Tea. But, recently I have began to travel to tea tasting events, share my views on some of the teas that I have sampled, as well as begin to get my tea into tearooms. Which is more than I thought possible at the start of this journey, and I thank everyone that has helped me get here.

So who am I? My name is Sophia Mulvany, born in 1998 and a tea lover from the Garden of England, Kent. As far as a future career is concerned, the path I wish to take is that of a tea taster/buyer, whilst unfortunately there is no set path so I am slowly making my own. This includes a week of work experience with Taylors of Harrogate with their tea buying team during February, and even a couple of weeks at Three Choirs Vineyars learning the art of winemaking.

How it started? Well I think everyone loves tea, they just might have not found the right one yet. But the British seem to have taken their fascination with tea to a whole new level, especially black tea. So I was brought up with a whole cupboard stacked full of different tisanes and teas, threatening to fall on top of me as soon as the door opens. This has led to a passion thats grown from the warm feeling when your curled up on the sofa with a hot mug in your hand and a blanket draped across your lap, to a curious need to poke my nose into every aspect of how tea tastes so good! Eventually, it was suggested that I would benefit from putting down on paper some, or most, of the tea facts I had accumulated.

The name I choose for my blog and business, Shennong, came from one of the legends surrounding tea. An area I delve into in my blog Tea Stories: The Beginning.

If you have any questions, or blog requests do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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